What is Tantric Massage?

Have you ever wondered exactly what Tantric Massage really is?  Unfortunately, the word ‘massage’ often conjures up negative connotations in some minds, but the reality is nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst there are many different types of massage – and Tantric Massage is only one – these range from sports-based, through to well-being and wellness. The common link is wellness, in that all massage should be beneficial to health, body and mind, and this is where Tantric Massage excels.

Tantric massage benefits in many ways

Tantric massage has many benefits and is mainly aimed and helping you develop and discover your sexuality, or provide sexual healing or sexual therapy.

Primarily aimed at women, Tantric specialists such as Tantric Therapy use Tantric massage and Tantric sexuality to improve sexual wellbeing through bodywork, moving to a plane above physical stimulation on a deeper sexual journey that also enriches sexual energy.

Although consultation, workshops and other methods can improve Tantric sexuality, a Tantric massage is the best way with the most powerful results.

Tantric Massage improves your sex life

Tantric sex can be seen as a far deeper exploration of one’s sex life, moving from the simple physical aspect through to the art and technique of sex, whilst exploring energy and connection.

Couples that practice Tantric Sex are widely reported to suffer from less sexual problems, and enjoy deeply fulfilled sex lives. Tantric Massage is a key component into learning Tantric sex, and can lead to massive improvements for both partners.

Sex should not just be a simple physical act, but a far-wider exploration of sensuality, giving and receiving love, and to feel love before, during and afterwards – rather than a transaction.

Tantric Massage can help bring greater awareness of one’s body, sex and energy, that a partner will immediately recognise and benefit from also.

One thing Tantric Massage definitely is not is dirty

Tantric Massage is a world away from the murkiness and sleaziness of sex workers, massage parlours and the like. Tantric massage, although focussed on improving sex lives and sexual wellbeing, is truly about the exchange of love between partners. Learning to feel love, share love, and keep love warm between loving partners is developed through Tantric Massage.

Sensations, technique, feelings are all important in sex, and will develop through Tantric Massage. Imagine yourself as a practitioner, learning different ways to engage, give, and receive love, warmth and energy, and you will begin to realise the benefits of Tantric sex.

Why do we say Tantric Massage is not ‘dirty’? Because dirty suggests dealing regret, shame, negative afterwards, whereas Tantric Sex will leave you both glowing, warm, positive and with an even deeper love afterwards.

Conclusion: Tantric Massage will improve you, as well as your sex life

Who doesn’t want to be their best self? With Tantric Massage you will explore yourself, improve yourself and feel better about yourself.

Your partner will feel, and return, more love, more feelings, more energy and your relationship will only improve – and not just on the physical level!


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