What is an Industrial Conveyor?

Many industries make use of a conveyor system. This refers to a piece of equipment that moves materials from one area to another, often for further processing. There are different types of conveyors used in the various industries, here are a few examples:

Automation and manufacturing: Generally when a manufacturing process is being automated, an industrial conveyor is used to transport materials and manufactured items from one section to another for processing. Different types of manufacturing plants will require different types of industrial conveyors and these are generally custom made to each plants requirements.

Baking, Cheese, food handling: When working with food items such as in the baking, snack food and confectionery industries, cheese making and so forth the conveyors and surrounding areas need to be at a high sanitary level to ensure there is no contamination during the process. Most often the industrial conveyors are made of high grade stainless steel and are designed to handle daily cleaning with caustic chemicals or a high pressure washer to ensure they stay clean and sanitary.

Medical and pharmaceutical: When designing an industrial conveyor for the medical industry, it may need to handle a number of different processes. Sterile conditions for manufacturing, hand packaging areas or automated packing, pill compression, packaging of completed items and so forth, there would need to be a number of solutions in order to provide everything required.

Packaging Industry: One of the most common uses of industrial conveyors is in the packaging industry, which allows for accurate, quick and reliable packaging of products exactly to specification.

A number of industrial processes will also make use of the industrial water filtration systems in their processing plants. Some of these industrial water filtration systems are designed to treat water in order to purify it for the industry standards required, especially in the food industry. These water purification plants are designed to be moved around and slotted in to the process where required. Reverse osmosis plants concentrate on the recycling and reusing of water to conserve water in various processes.

Another one of the industrial water filtration system types is wastewater treatment to disinfect and purify water. These work especially well in rural areas as they can easily be transported and can be used to purify natural water for consumption, cooking and cleaning.

In the industrial sector these industrial water filtration systems are used by many industries in various ways, here are a few examples: In automotive plants quality of water is improved by reverse osmosis, micro-filtration and ultra-filtration. In the food and beverage industry, they make use of membrane and multi-media filtration including UV disinfection and activated carbon filtration for pure water. Mining uses industrial water filtration systems for treatment of sludge and also to extract minerals and allow water to be reused. In petrochemical industries, there are highly specific systems for sludge treatment and oil/water separation. In power plants, these systems provide cooling water, effluent treatment, water conditioning and reuse of water. Other industries also use specific industrial water filtration systems, such as the pharmaceutical, steel processing and paper and pulp processing industries.


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