What are Erectile Problems?

When a male is not able to have enough erection that is needed for his sexual performance then it is termed as erectile problems. They are also known by the name Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction.

Within last few years, the number of people facing erectile troubles has been increased by large extent. The fact is that they can affect any age group but in general most of the cases are reported for older men. It is often accompanied by other health issues but medical science has developed treatments for all erectile problems whether the sufferers are older males or younger ones.

Major causes of Erectile Problems:

There are so many causes behind erectile problems; some of these include:

  • It can happen due to any major physical problem; probably when the person has faced certain nerve injury or there is lesser blood supply to his penis.
  • Few other health issues include depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and diabetes etc.
  • It can also happen due to side effects associated with several medicines.
  • Person facing long term stress can also feel erectile troubles.
  • The one who drinks too much alcohol or is addicted to smoking is the major target of impotence.
  • It can also occur as a result of certain surgery for example the prostate cancer.

Potential symptoms associated with Erectile Problems:

There is only one symptom associated with erectile problems and that is defined as trouble in firm erection during sexual activity. But, studies reveal that in certain cases men having impotence trouble are also observed to have normal sexual desire and they can ejaculate.

How to diagnose Erection Problems?

The best option to treat erection trouble is to meet your health expert as soon as possible so that he can check the symptoms and prescribe required diagnosis. During your physical exam at medical center, the expert will ask few questions related to your sexual desire and ability to perform. He will also try to know at what time you feel the major trouble. The diagnosis mostly involves lab tests, exam, and sometimes it may also accompany a mental health check up to identify the major reason behind this health issue.

What are the potential treatment options?

Medical experts often start the diagnosis with prescription of few medications and major focus is given to life style changes. First stage of treatment is carried with these basic procedures only and experts do not recommend surgery until the first stage fails to deliver required results.

Some of the most commonly preferred treatments include:

  • Avoiding alcohol consumption and limiting tobacco intake.
  • Consulting your partner about the trouble and getting counselling.
  • Performing few sensual exercises on routine basis.
  • Making deep analysis over medications that can lead to impotence related troubles and then avoiding their consumption.
  • Following expert recommendations for medicine prescriptions so that erection issues can be treated at right time. Some of the most common pills include kamagra, tadalfil, vardenafil and sildenafil etc.

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