Trenabol – A pro-hormone to Trenbolone AAS

Trenabol is a pro-hormone to the anabolic androgenic drug Trenbolone. Trenabol actually converts to Trenbolone in the body unlike other “Tren” hormones. Trenabol is a most powerful drug tending to achieve more muscle mass. This is not a product for everyone. Hence, knowing about the drug is a must before use.

Trenabol is a popular product of Blackstone Lab, but by 2016 the product was stopped from the lab. The lab’s original product Trenabol was slightly adjusted to produce a new product called Super Trenabol around 2013. Trenabol had been a stronger drug and yielded many benefits according to the manufacturer’s statement. Trenabol possesses the ability to accelerate strength gains, improve muscle mass, promote lean physique.

Super Trenabol from Blackstone Labs is marketed as a Pro-hormone to stimulate the hormone production in the body through natural ingredients supplementation. The ingredients used to boost the hormones synthesis and secretions especially testosterone and growth hormone.

The specialty of Blackstone Labs Trenabol

Trenavar or Trendione is one of the main ingredients of Trenabol, an oral pro-hormone that is manufactured after modifying the Trenbolone AAS. Trenavar got a reputation for converting or producing to Trenbolone in the body. The recommended dosage for Super Trenabol is 1-2 capsules daily along with food. It is advised to take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Usage of Trenabol is restricted to four weeks only.

How does Trenabol benefit the users?

Trenabol benefits the users in various ways and they are:

Decreased water retention; rapid muscle gain; reduced production of Cortisol (stress hormone); efficient fat burning; increased minerals absorption which is necessary to promote healthy muscle growth. The Trenabol users actually experience significant gains without adjusting their diet pattern due to high feed efficiency. If a person optimizes his diet pattern, then he will definitely experience greater muscle gains.

Expected side effects of Trenabol

The side effects of Trenbolone and Super Trenabol from Blackstone Labs are mostly similar. Most of the anabolic androgenic drugs convert or aromatize testosterone into estrogen in the body. The same effects are seen with Trenabol. However, the side effects vary depending on the frequency and dosage used. Most of the side effects rise in hepatic and cardiovascular systems. Any type of Nandrolone causes fluid retention. However, the bodybuilders concentrate more on positive effects than on the negative effects. But, if the water retains on the vital organs muscles say heart, then the retention will badly impact the cardiac system. The most common side effects of Trenabol are testosterone suppression, edema, cardiomyopathy and gynecomastia. Pro-hormone Trenabol will usually trigger the hormone production by the glands of the human body such as Pituitary gland – GH, Liver-IGF and Testes-Testosterone. The increased hormone levels will negatively influence the metabolism of the body.

Usage of Trenabol – Women

Women are advised to stay away from Super Trenabol Blackstone Lab during the pregnancy,               breastfeeding.  Trenabol is available in injection and pills form. 50-150 mg is the recommended dosage for bodybuilders. The active life is up to 3 days. Hence, handling such strong AAS needs full attention to the detail.


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