A review after using Clenbuterol for cycles

Clen is a very popular drug (not surprisingly) for bodybuilders and for people that want to enhance their game. If you are in a Clen cycle then you need to read this article because this is a Clen 50 cycle review.

Clen is a very demanding drug, because of that, only the pros use this. It requires precision that not all drugs ask, this is because this drug is very potent and you have to be very calculated if you want Clen to work for you. Think of this drug as a very hard to please one and if you don’t treat this drug the way it should be properly treated you are bound to suffer its wrath.

Do not underestimate: Clen may be a very potent drug, but misusing it also has unwarranted side effects. The fact of the matter is that this is for medical uses and wasn’t really made for bodybuilders. There is even a line for the therapeutic effect and side effects. Where does the dosage for bodybuilders go for in this? It’s in the middle. That is why there are only 3 kinds of people that use this drug. The people that needed it medically, the pro bodybuilders that knows this drug all too well and the novice that doesn’t really know anything about the drug but took it anyway (an accident just waiting to happen).

The magic 50: 50 mcg is the recommended dose, some people take more, and some people take less.  People start with the usual 20mcg, as people see the good result they slowly increase the dosage, observing any warning signs. If they feel the side effects when they reach 30mcg they stop. If they don’t they slowly increase it more until they reach 50 mcg. The goal is that number and nothing more. If you feel that even when you just started with 20 mcg and you felt the side effects it’s a sign that Clen isn’t fit for you and you need to stop right away.

The standard: 50mcg might be the standard, but this varies on what type of cycle and other factors in taking a drug like weight, age, gender and etc. This isn’t also the type of drug that lets you go instantly when your cycle is up. You need to gradually stop and the lower the dosage you have the more easily that you can end it. There had been noted that some bodybuilders are even taking this drug to as high as 120 – 140 mcg. You can only imagine how long they will gradually drop their dosage in order to end the cycle.

Not an urban legend: There are horror stories that doctors and experts tell you in taking this drug, and believe me it ain’t an urban legend.  If you experience any of these things you need to stop taking Clen immediately:

Ø  insomnia,

Ø  vomiting

Ø  Profuse sweating

Ø  nausea

Ø  tremors

Taking Clen takes special precaution, not only because this drug is not that user-friendly. It’s not for everybody and the potency is almost synonymous with its side effects. This isn’t a drug for beginners and for people that are experiencing adverse reactions when taking this drug.


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