Preparation Tips Before A Podiatrist Appointment

Sad to say, many people ignore their feet and don’t bother doing proper care. Little did they know that the feet are prone to different types of illnesses and conditions just like other body parts? If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort or swelling of your foot, ankles, or lower legs, you need to see your podiatrist.

Podiatrists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating problems concerning foot, ankles and parts of the leg. But before you set a podiatrist appointment with sports podiatrist Sydney – Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, here are important things you need to know first.

Compile and bring your medical records.

Before you go to your podiatrist’s office, prepare all your medical records including surgery reports, if there are, and childhood conditions. Even minor allergies and negative reactions to certain chemicals should be disclosed to your podiatrist. Your foot specialist needs such information in order to do the proper diagnosis and give you an effective prescription and treatment.

Know the exact location of the pain.

The foot has complex connections of muscles, nerves, joints and other structure. Each of these can experience pain and other conditions. Before you visit your podiatrist, it is important that you know the exact location of the pain. This is to save time and give your doctor a better basis to diagnosis your condition.

Remember how and when you got the pain.

When was the last time you experience foot pain? What was the last thing you did before the condition happens? Also, try to remember how long you have been experiencing it and how complication it got.  These are all essential factors that your podiatrist during your visit in order to determine the right treatment to your condition.

Have a simple diagnosis of your condition.

Another helpful tip before you visit a podiatrist is to determine whether the pain is persistent of some activities can stop it. Say for instance, you only feel the pain when you walk in barefoot and then it disappears when you use athletic shoes. It can be crucial for proper diagnosis and fast treatment.

Let your doctor know about your routine and footwear.

While it may sound personal, it is important to tell your podiatrist about your everyday routine and the type of footwear you regularly use. These factors have something to do with the condition of your feet. Be sure not to miss this information so your foot doctor can provide you the proper advice and treatment. You may consider custom orthotics Sydney by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry to avoid and ease foot pain.

Don’t hesitate to tell your doctor everything about the condition of your feet. Patients who feel ashamed to show their conditions often experience unsuccessful diagnosis and treatment.

Now, you already know what to do before you visit a podiatrist. The next thing you need to know is what to do during and after the session and your podiatrist can help you with that. Don’t be afraid to ask.

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