The Magnificent Danabol ds resultados

Steroids are used by many sports people for various reasons. This is more so with the body builder community. Not everyone can become a body builder, one should have a basic muscular and strong body. On this foundation, they start building their muscle and strength and define their stature. In order to achieve this, they have to develop muscles alone without putting overall weight and workout in a gym for long hours. This requires super human efforts and if one is lucky, then they can enter the real competitive arena and win titles and fame. However, some people find it difficult to achieve this the natural way and resort to steroids for their growth.

Steroids for Growth

Most of the bodybuilders resort to what is called as an Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS). These artificial chemical compounds induce the production of hormone Testosterone. A derivative of this is called Metandienone, or methandienone and is a 17α-methylated testosterone. The 17 alpha makes it to be manufactured in the oral form and easy to use. It was actually invented to treat patients with hypogonadism, a condition in which the gonads are less active. However, it was widely used by athletes for enhancing their performance. If a Spaniard wants to know Danabol ds resultados, it is easy and many benefits can be listed. Danabol DS is a well-known Tablet very famous among the body builders for its fast results and fewer side effects.

Steroid Action

The tablet is more effective than its raw testosterone counterpart. Since this is a 17-alpha methylation, it can easily pass through the liver without many breakdowns and can result in significantly higher levels of steroid. These bind to the androgen receptors in the blood stream and can increase protein synthesis, muscle strength and glycogenolysis in a short period of time. It is this quality that is liked by the body builders.

Side Effects

The easy assimilation of the steroid in body makes it also a drug with a lot of side effects. Methandienone is consumed orally and later metabolized into methylestradiol after passing through the liver. The side effects are 2-fold. First, the liver gets damaged and 2nd is the presence of Estrogen in large quantities producing female characteristics in men. This may include large breasts in men. Women will acquire male characteristics like hair growth or loss and acne. High blood pressure is common in both sexes. These side effects occur over long time use of the drug or when abuse occurs.

Safe Usage

With any drug, one has to stick to the program set by the physician in usage and dosage. The normal recommended dosage is 10mg for women and 50mg for men. Initial users should start with even lower doses to assess how the body reacts to the drug. Once tolerated then the dosage can be increased in steps. In order to combat the side effects, there are other medicines available to reduce these symptoms. However whether it is a Spaniard looking for Danabol ds resultados or others, there is no doubt that it gives strong growth.

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