Lisa Marie Cannon Discusses What Should One Do For Brand Development.

The process of brand design and development is an extended one and takes years to thrive. Popular brands are visualized out of a lot of understanding and research of consumer behavior. Nevertheless, there are some marketing principles that require to be considered as under:

1) Indicative name for the brand

You must select a name such that it depicts your company service or product eloquently. The common man must be able to comprehend the capability of the brand and the production it belongs to. At the same time, in the occurrence of any changes to the service or product offering, the brand name must be supple to put up the change. When deciding on a name, it is significant to note that the name is not a tongue twister or too complicated. It should be easily mentionable and describable by the common man so that the brand name is top most in the mind and the company is never forgotten. This way any publicity that is done with such a name is very flourishing and worth the money spent.

With more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a brand developer, Lisa Marie Cannon had the privilege of using her legal and business skills to build and manage a celebrity brand for Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

2) Making the logo and preserving it

It is very important that you make the logo and also guard it. Primarily, it is significant to create the logo which entirely fits your brand image. Go in for colors and fonts which are not only commanding and influential, but equally entertaining and original. The colors chosen should mix well with the service or product your company is marketing. Last but not the least, make sure that it remains simple. Make certain that when making the logo, thought should be given to its appearance when it is printed or embossed. Make sure you do not get fanatical about the dimensions once you have your logo in place. Ensure to introduce your service mark on the right hand upper corner, so as to guarantee fortification of your logo. If anyone meddles with your logo, make sure that the person who has messed with it knows about it and thinks twice before reiterating the mistake. Remember, if you allow people to mess with your brand image and logo, your company would never be able to convey professionalism.

3.) Reliable and steady messaging

According to Lisa Marie Cannon, it is significant that you make sure that the message is official and formalized as this would save you from many a harassment in the long run. Every person would have a dissimilar viewpoint about the company’s service or product. Make sure that you modify your messaging without making any radical alterations to the theme. It is significant to keep the basics stranded so that the company’s message can be effortlessly conveyed to the public at large.

Messaging of the company’s products include taglines, terms etc. The company’s product formation, history, technology used and the corporate culture can be suitably included in the messaging. Once this is through, the next step is the right distribution and documentation. It is crucial that every employee knows the service or product the company is dealing in. Moreover, the company’s brochures and pamphlets should clearly convey the message.

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