Factors Why Every Morning Small Dogs Need Dog Walks

Some people don’t fully understand how important walking their dogs is. Whether you have a pure breed, half-breed, a large dog, or a small one, there are several positive effects that they get from it.

Your dog’s size may affect the amount of exercise it needs to exert, but having a small dog does not mean you have to stop going on walks altogether.

Why small dogs need to take walks?

Mental and Physical Exercise

Walking is a stimulating activity for dogs. When you take dogs out for walks, they get the chance to explore their surroundings.  In the physical sense, best animal healthcare practice in Turramurra vet advice that walking allows them to release the pent up energy stored in their bodies.

Dogs often channel their energy by playing. Dogs that don’t often go on walks have the tendency to misbehave inside the house, though it varies from one breed to another.

  • Character Training

Some owners find walking as another way of teaching their dogs the value of obedience. Training a dog to be obedient is a strenuous task. It requires a lot of patience. During walks, many owners would often teach their dog to sit and walk and stand. It will make it easier for an owner to train them because they are calmer during and after walks.

  • Social Skill

For aggressive breeds like pit bulls, walking is a perfect opportunity for them to socialize. Making your dog socialize with other breeds allows him to make friends, instead of fighting the first animal on which they lay their eyes. Socialization is vital because it stops dogs from being territorial and overprotective to their owners.

  • Potty Training

Some owners would have a hard time training dogs where to take a leak or do their business. The best time to teach them would be during your walks.

  • Healthy Living

Dogs become calmer and healthier after regular walks. If dogs with the most active temperament do not get their exercise, they will have the tendency to have hip dysplasia. Toy breeds tend to be more aggressive when they are not walked, too. Through walking your pet will be more in shape, and it will have better blood circulation.

When to be cautious when walking your dog?

Despite the benefits that you can get from walking your dogs, there are still times when you have to avoid it—and for a good reason. In some parts of Australia, there’s a common and dangerous tick infection called Tick Paralysis.

This tick infection has not only caused damage to animals, but it may even lead to the death of your pet. It usually occurs from August to February.

A licensed Pymble vet has been handling cases of tick paralysis throughout the years and has come up with different solutions to address the tick infestation. Many Australian dog trainers have mentioned that one of the best flea and tick treatment for dogs is to avoid walking them in areas near bushes. There are also medicines to prevent tick paralysis.

There are many things that you can obtain from walking your dogs. It forges your relationship with your pet. It also allows him to explore, exercise and have fun. However, sometimes walking him can also lead to serious problems. It is important to be vigilant to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry companion.

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