How Effective And Beneficial Are Stanozolol Injections For Bodybuilding And Muscle Gain?

Stanozolol is also referred to as Winstrol. It is considered to be a derivative of DHT. Stanozolol is available in numerous forms including injections, tablets, etc. The injections are steroid based on water. In the following sections, let’s explore some more about this amazing supplement and its results as well.

Few Important facts you need to know about Winstrol

Winstrol has been found to be very much effective in enhancing red blood cell count. It is the main reason why it has been popularly used for treating Anemia and hereditary Angioedema. It is even very popular among weight lifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and the ones that are involved in different sports.

One of the major benefits of this drug is that it has high oral bioavailability due to C17 alkylation that enables it to survive first pass liver metabolism when it is ingested. It can be safely used by both men as well as female without risk of any side effects.

It is even suggested to improve muscle growth, stimulate the appetite, increase bone density, and a lot more. Most of the sportsmen and bodybuilders stack this supplement with the testosterone based steroids since it leads to ultimate increase in muscle mass and body strength without resulting in fat gain. It even promotes muscle definition and vascularity levels.

It helps them to preserve leaner muscle mass while metabolizing adipose. Use of this supplement as per the recommendation can help you get dramatic improvements in terms of nitrogen storage, protein synthesis, body strength, muscle dimension, muscle function, etc. You can get to know more about the benefits and results of this supplement at

Injectabale Winstrol Dosage Recommendations

Most of the people use Stanozolol injections even in their mass cycle. Generally, 50 mg of this steroid every day is recommended to notice some impressive gains. Using 50-100 mg of Stanozolol with the same amount of Testosterone daily, many hardcore males reported huge strength and gains.

Some of the experts suggest taking injectable form due to its higher effectiveness as compared to its oral form. Numerous athletes and bodybuilders have administered lower dosage orally. To maintain the circulatory androgen elevation, the oral dosages were normally divided into 2-3 dosages daily.

While women are advised to take dosage of 30-50 mg in a day, men can take 20-30 mg of it. The dosage can then be increased gradually to achieve better results.

Winstrol builds lean muscle mass without addition of unnecessary bulky muscles. This is the main reason why it is popular among other steroids.

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