Cycle design for beginners

Are you interested in bodybuilding and body sculpting? Are you a novice in this field? So, you may not have knowledge of testosterone, steroids and their cycles. Don’t worry at all. You will get an overall guideline here about the best steroids for beginners. People have heard the term but very little regarding this. If you are a newbie, the cycle design for beginners will help you to follow the right instructions.

What is the best testosterone for the beginners?


Testosterone is the fundamental idea among the supplements of bodybuilding. It is the root of all types of anabolic steroids. People consume steroids because it boosts up the level of testosterone hormone in a human body and that too naturally. It also has the power to improve the production of luteinzing hormone and thus increases the testosterone range. It increases the muscle strength, body mass and energy level. So, this integrity enhances the performance to build up the body accordingly.

The best testosterone you need depends on your goal and your body capacity. If you just want to sculpt your body and as an athlete, want to maintain the energy level during the off-season you don’t need more powerful steroids. Otherwise, for the bodybuilding dreamers, you should consume more powerful ones. Some of these can deliver your expected result in very short time span, whereas the others require more time. You should have to consult your doctor and physical trainer which cycle and dose are the perfect choices for you.

What is the best cycle for beginners?


            A cycle is the time span in which the user consumes AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids). These cycles may last for four weeks or may be fifteen weeks according to the goals, the capacity of the user and the chemical compounds used. The most common steroid compounds are Winstrol, Dianabol, and Testosterone Enanthate etc. During a stack, you can use more than one steroid in one cycle.

            Steroids and supplemental testosterones basically enhance the capacity to perform. It works as a catalyst to unlock the real potential energy of your body. You will be able to feel the extreme energy on your muscles. You can do intense workout sessions in the gym. Rather you will notice that the recovery time becomes shorter than the earlier sessions. A rapid muscle gain is a result of using steroids and testosterone.

 For example, consider the case of an athlete. Athletes need to maintain the fitness graph throughout the season. Sometimes, they may reach to the top of the genetic potential achieved by the physical training and scientific diet. Anabolics can help them to maximize the potential. But the side effects and the health hazards should be considered. Testosterone is the most multipurpose among all and also is very effective. It has less side-effect and is well-tolerated of all regularly used steroids. A newbie can pair-down testosterone stack to experience the physical effects. They will get a chance to be familiar with certain testosterone.

            A beginner should start his/her preferred steroid cycle with the help of a specialist doctor. The side effects and the risk factors must be considered while deciding a cycle. So, start with the less powerful ones. Then go for the complex and higher cycles. First, determine your goal. Then start the cycle design for beginners according to your requirement.


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