Common Types of Disabilities

As fellow citizens, we want to understand our neighbors. We want to jump to aide the people around us if we are given the opportunity. While we all live in a similar place, we are all raised differently and face different challenges. Many Americans face disabilities in their daily lives. It is helpful to understand what the most common types of disabilities are so we can be most helpful and considerate to the people around us.

People with disabilities are just like everyone else, they just face a challenge that you may not have to face on a daily basis. Understanding their disabilities will help encourage you to be involved in their lives and include and encourage them in any way that you can.

Common Disabilities

There are many disabilities that people face. They are all different and should be treated case by case. Here is a list of common disabilities that you could familiarize yourself with in order to be the most help for your fellow citizens:

  • Cognitive Disabilities
  • Hearing Disabilities
  • Invisible Disabilities
  • Mobility Disabilities
  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Spinal Cord Disabilities
  • Vision Disabilities

Most disabilities fall underneath of one of theses categories. Inside of each category are many different disabilities that cause different effects on people. They should all be treated individually. If you understand which category the disability falls under you will be better prepared to help and treat them the way they should be treated.

Just as you are interested in people learning and caring about you, people who face disabilities also wish people would take interest in who they are. Including people with disabilities is very important and can make a big difference in their lives. In fact, people who take the time to learn about disabilities will be better prepared to include people who face disabilities in activities and events that are a good fit for their lifestyle.

Facing a disability is just like living a certain lifestyle. People who face disabilities learn to live a lifestyle that works for their challenges. They are not sad people. They want to be included, protected, and cared about. Learn all that you can about disabilities so you will be prepared to say the right things as well as foster a relationship with people who may be looked over because they feel that they do not know how to include them.


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