How to Buy LEGIT Clenbuterol in USA

Clenbuterol is no more prescribed by doctors in US. But in many other countries it is still prescribed and used as a bronchodilator. It is very effective in the asthma patients and for other breathing issues.

Clenbuterol comes with anti- catabolic effects and thermogenic effects. This is the reason even in US many athletes and bodybuilders use this drug. It works by increasing the body temperature which in turn raises the calories expenditure in the body. There will be 5 percent maintenance of calories for a raise of one degree F temperature. Laws on Clenbuterol in different states.

Is Clenbuterol Legal in the USA?

It is legal to posses and purchase Clenbuterol in USA. But it has been banned to use as a supplement, food, or as a drug by humans. Since it is not a controlled substance it is not illegal to purchase and posses the drug.

Best Clenbuterol Brands:

When it comes to pharmaceutical grade Clenbuterol, it is available in many brands. Some of the popular brands are

  • Broncotosil (Bago Laboratorios)
  • Broxofar Compuesto (Profesional Medica Farcoral)
  • Broncoterol (Quimedical)
  • Broncodil (Epifarma)
  • Brogal Compositum (Rayere Farmaceuticos)
  • Balsibron-C (Liferpal MD)
  • Ambromuco Compositum (Compania Anonima Farmaceutica)
  • Airum (Recalcine Laboratorios)
  • Broxol Plus (Carnot Laboratorios Productos Cientificos)
  • Contraspasmin (Viatris)
  • Contrasmina (Falqui Prodotti Farmaceutici)
  • Clenbutol (Scharper)
  • Clenbuterol (Sopharma)
  • Clenbuterol (Balkanpharma)
  • Clenasma (Biomedica Foscama Industria Chimico Farmaceutica; Trendful Development)
  • Clembumar (Dupomar)
  • Clembroxol (Ferring)
  • Fludexol-CL (Vitae Laboratorios)
  • Ebromin-P (Degort’s Chemical)
  • Loxorol (Best Laboratorios)
  • Mucovibrol C (Liomont Laboratorios)
  • Mucospas (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Mucosolvon Compositum (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Mucosolvan Compositum (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Monores (Valeas)
  • Novegam (Chinoin Productos Farmaceuticos)
  • Oxyflux (Rayere Farmaceuticos)
  • Oxibron NF (Disprofarma)
  • Oxibron (Disprofarma)
  • Prontovent (Salus Researches)
  • Sekretovit Ex (Boehringer Ingelheim; Anchor Farma)
  • Risopent (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Spiropent Mite (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Spiropent (Boehringer Ingelheim; Teijin)
  • Spasmo-Mucosolvan (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Septacin Ex (Chinoin Productos Farmaceuticos)
  • Ventoliber (Tecnimede)
  • Ventolase (Juste Quimico-Farmaceutica)
  • Ventipulmin (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Ventilan (Sintofarma Laboratorios)

Side effects of Clenbuterol Cycles:

Since usage of Clenbuterol comes with lot of side effects, it has been banned for human use in USA. But the side effects will depend on the dosage and how it is been used. One good thing about Clen is side effects will disappear once the dosage has been stopped.

One thing that user should keep in mind is that user must be very careful when Clenbuterol is used with other adrenoreceptor antagonists. This is because there is chance that side effects may cumulative. Some of the common side effects are insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, increased appetite, nausea, excessive sweating. When Clen is used for long term, user may experience side effects like cardiac hypertrophy.

This is the reason use of Clen must be avoided if the person is suffering from hypertension or any other cardiac issues. If the user is already taking some supplements which is similar to this, then he must avoid taking Clen.

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