Anavar Testosterone Cycle vs. Anavar Clenbuterol Cycle – Which One is the Best?

Steroids in stacks are often consumed in definite cycles. It means two or three kinds of steroid supplements are consumed in specific amount, together. These cycles help the body builders as well as weight lifters to achieve the best results in less time. Since anavar is considered as the safest supplement, many body builders consume it along with other steroids to enhance its results.

 Anavar testosterone cycle is one of the most popular cycle consumed by both men and women. Various forms of testosterone are consumed along with anavar. However, the dosage limitation of each steroid must be kept in mind because heavy dosages can cause severe side effects.

Clenbuterol is essentially a bronchodilator, which is widely used in the body building field as well. Its ingredients can enhance the metabolism, which will work in sync with the ingredients in anavar. Hence, clenbuterol and anavar cycle is also important. In this article, we will be discussing all about a couple of steroid cycles and which one of them is better to consume.

Everything you need to know about the anavar testosterone cycle

Anavar is a synthetic drug, which is produced in the labs. Anavar is designed to mimic the effects given by the male sex hormone. Similarly, testosterone plays an essential role in the body. It enhances muscle growth, maintains the heath of the bones, influences libido etc. Here is some information regarding the anavar testosterone cycle –

  • Anavar testosterone cycle is considered as beneficial because, anavar is a safe drug and does not cause any major side effects. However, it may reduce the production of testosterone in the body, hence consuming artificial testosterone, helps to regain hormonal balance.
  • For any medical use, the doctors have suggested that the patient should consume only 2.5 to 20 mg every day for about 2-4 weeks.
  • Women body builders can resort to a low dosage of 20 mg testosterone for maximum results.
  • Male body builders often consume 50 mg.

Products which are made from dihydrotestosterone can cause hair loss.

Everything you need to know about clenbuterol anavar cycle

Most people find the combination of clenbuterol and anavar as one of the most efficient cycles. However, it is essential that side effects should be kept in mind, before consuming this cycle. Here is the common dosage for men and women –

  • Women can consume clenbuterol of 20 mg and anavar of 10-20 mg daily.
  • However, men consume clenbuterol of 40 mg and anavar of 50 mg.

It is essential that even the professionals should avoid exceeding the dosage of 140 mg because it can turn harmful.

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